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Apricot Preservation

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Apricot Preservation

IMAP Crystal® Benefits of Atmosphere Packs for Apricot Preservation
  • Apricot is a climacteric fruit and produces ethylene rapidly in a very short time. Depending on the variety, if suitable conditions are not provided, the period from harvest to aging of the fruit is 3-5 days.
  • IMAP Crystal® The first effect of atmospheric packages on apricot physiology is the reduction of respiratory intensity by affecting fruit metabolism during storage. Due to this effect, substrate consumption, carbon dioxide production, oxygen consumption and temperature release decrease.
  • IMAP Crystal® Atmosphere packs % provide 90-95% relative humidity, preventing fruit shriveling and weight loss.
  • IMAP Crystal® The atmosphere packs preserve fruit firmness, which is critical for international markets.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packages prevent physiological deterioration and decay.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packs preserve the natural color of the fruit.
IMAP Crystal® Effective Humidity Control
IMAP Crystal® apricot storage with bags
IMAP Crystal® IMAP Crystal in packages® in packages

25-day apricot storage at 2 °C. 25-day apricot storage at 1 °C.

IMAP Crystal® IMAP Crystal in packages® in packages

30-day storage of apricots at 1 °C. Storage of apricots in saddle at 1 °C for 30 days.

+2 days shelf life

IMAP Crystal® Procedures to be Considered to Get the Best Performance from Atmosphere Packages
  • Apricots should be harvested early in the day. Harvesting should be done with extreme care and the fruit should never be damaged. The harvested fruit should be quickly transported to the packing house.
  • Apricots brought to the packing house should be subjected to rapid pre-cooling with strong air and kept in cold storage until processing.
  • Apricots should be hand-sized very carefully and quickly.
  • Apricot IMAP Crystal® should be packaged in atmospheric packages and stored for best performance until it reaches the target markets. Please use IMAP Crystal to get the best performance from storage.®talk to the experts in your organization.