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Environmental pollution is one of the main environmental problems that our world has been struggling to cope with in recent years. The biggest factor in the formation of environmental pollution is that the wastes left over from unconsciously used consumer products are left to nature in a random manner. In order to prevent environmental pollution, in recent years, states and individuals have been carrying out studies that have left their mark on the environment. However, research shows that individual behavior change is the key to recycling rather than government support.

The Importance of Authorities in Recycling

The widespread use of plastic raw materials in packaged consumer goods reveals that recycling plastic waste should be the first step. Recycling campaigns carried out by state institutions and non-governmental organizations, which reflect striking realities, have made great progress in sensitizing people to the issue. However, officials are of the opinion that if all efforts cannot be reduced from institutions to individuals, they will not be fully successful.

Individual Action is Key to Recycling Campaigns

Pointing out that the activities carried out by the state should be reduced to the individual, the authorities state that recycling activities on a global basis will be possible with individual participation. Experts believe that the real success and transformation will be achieved by raising awareness of individuals about the causes and consequences and creating a behavioral change accordingly.
Experts point out that the number of informative activities on recycling is increasing day by day and that environmental pollution caused by waste can be prevented to a great extent by creating the necessary awareness, especially among children and young people, and underline that parents and teachers also have a great role in this process.