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Grape Preservation

- Imap Crystal

Grape Preservation

IMAP Crystal®Grape Packages
  • IMAP Crystal®A modified atmosphere package has been developed to solve the problems encountered in grape preservation with a solution development system focused on customer needs.
IMAP Crystal®
  • IMAP Crystal® is a package developed to protect the harvested grapes during preparation and transportation to the market.
  • IMAP Crystal® The grapes stored in packages can be kept in cold storage for 3-4 weeks in a very healthy way.
Why IMAP Crystal®Needed?
  • Grape exporters follow two different ways. In the first way, the exporter exports the harvested grapes, especially in the first weeks of the season, if the market conditions are favorable, without putting them in any package and without using any protection paper, which is called fast shipment.

IMAP Crystal®pack storage at 1°C for 2 weeks / open package storage at 1°C for 2 weeks

Problems Encountered in Fast Shipment
  • Weight loss in the grain,
  • Softening of the grains,
  • Increased graining and shedding,
  • Rapid aging and susceptibility to decay,
  • Short shelf life.
IMAP Crystal® What is the Benefit?
  • Problems with fast shipment reduce the market value of the product and limit export opportunities.
  • IMAP Crystal® the drying and browning of the stems, pedicels and skeleton of the grapes stored in the packages is completely eliminated
  • Weight loss is minimized, grain loss is reduced, rotting is prevented and the shelf life of the product is increased and it is delivered to the target market in the same quality as it was harvested.
IMAP Crystal® Mechanism of Action

IMAP Crystal® It uses 3 different mechanisms of action simultaneously to protect your grapes.

  1. Optimally balances the O2 and CO2 concentration in the package and prevents product aging.
  2. It optimizes the humidity in the package and prevents drying and browning of the stems, skeleton and grains of the product.
  3. With its antimicrobial properties, it protects the product by preventing microorganisms that cause decay.

IMAP Crystal® General view of the grapes stored in the package at 1°C for 2 weeks