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About Us

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Quality Certificates

We strive to offer a quality production with our experienced staff and modern machines with the latest technologies. In our factory, used plastic products are processed and recycled into reusable plastic raw materials. 

We aim to continuously improve our service quality by adopting innovative ideas to improve product quality. In all products we undertake the production of ISO 9001 and 22000 Quality Management Standards We carry out an appropriate process. With the audits we constantly carry out within the company, we aim to ensure that our staff can provide better service. 

While we aim to get the best results in our business by controlling every process in the production system, maximizing customer satisfaction is the most important service we adopt.

In addition to this, we continue to produce and serve with educational opportunities without ever giving up on providing a quality service that is open to continuous innovation.

Our Mission

IMAP Crystal is a DEKA Plastics brand. As DEKA Plastik, our company, which has set out with the aim of being a pioneer in the packaging production sector, has been conducting its trade activities in many different parts of the world outside of our country as a result of its activities in Istanbul since 1991. is realizing. In the light of total quality management practices, R&D studies and the production technology we contribute to, our goals are realized within the framework of human health, ergonomics, environmentalism and customer satisfaction. Due to our Company's environmental awareness and sensitivity to nature, our production activities are carried out on the basis of recycling, and convenient products are created by using the latest technology with materials that are not harmful to health. is being put in place. In order to achieve international standards in quality, training activities are carried out, positive values are added to the technological possibilities and a developmental manufacturing approach is adopted.

Our Vision

IMAP Crystal is a DEKA Plastics brand. As DEKA Plastik, the place where our company has positioned itself since its establishment is to be a company that leads the sector in the production of packaging products. For this reason, since the first day we set out in the field of packaging and plastics, we have been constantly aiming to exceed the current situation and the production volume has been continuously expanded. In this context, our packaging production activities, which started in Turkey, have reached many continents of the world and we aim to add more countries to the list within the scope of future projects. In our company, where production activities are carried out in a completely environmentally friendly manner, we act with the principles of impartiality, democracy and honesty for sustainable development and technological progress, and aim for the highest production volume in Turkey and the world.

- About Us

Company Policy

IMAP Crystal is a DEKA Plastics brand. DEKA Plastik, which has been operating in the plastic and packaging sector since 1991, has been developing itself since the first day it started its production activities with the aim of being a pioneer in its field and has been realizing its domestic and international trade. The policy approaches of our company, which contributes to employment and the national economy and always aims for the better, are based entirely on the requirements of the age. In this context, the policies we have adopted as a company are as follows:

  • To create biodegradable products by realizing environmentally friendly production and thus meet the needs by taking measures against environmental pollution,
  • Planning all production activities according to the supply of consumers and making product developments according to customer demands,
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the top by using first class materials in production and to produce flawless products,
  • To continuously improve the technology used in production and to make a difference by contributing to the existing technology,
  • Planning all production activities according to the supply of consumers and making product developments according to customer demands,
  • To carry out activities within the scope of quality management with after-sales service,
  • To have a positive impact on the environment we live in by supporting social responsibility projects,
  • To ensure continuous development through personnel trainings and to make this valid in all activities of the company, from production to sales,