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Cherry Preservation

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Cherry Preservation

IMAP Crystal® Benefits of Atmosphere Packs for Cherry Preservation
  • IMAP Crystal® atmospheric packages create carbon dioxide and oxygen values that are optimal for cherries, reducing the respiration rate of the fruit and slowing down the ripening process.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosfer paketleri %90-95 düzeyinde bir oransal nem değeri yaratarak ağırlık kaybını ve meyvenin büzüşmesini engeller.
  • IMAP Crystal® The atmospheric packs keep the stalk green and the fruit firm, two of the most important criteria required by international markets.
  • IMAP Crystal® The atmosphere packages prevent rotting caused by the important post-harvest pathogens botrytiscinerea (Gray mold) and monilina fructicola (Brown rot).
  • IMAP Crystal® Atmosphere packs prevent the physiological disorder called pitting, which occurs especially after long-term storage.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packages preserve the natural color of the product.
IMAP Crystal® Advantages over Competitors
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packages are manufactured using the latest technologies in the world of plastics.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packs contain a high level of moisture. However, the moisture content never rises above a certain level and does not create a moisture saturated atmosphere. In competitor pouches, especially in the first weeks of storage, there is a so-called "transpiration" of the pouches, which indicates that the atmosphere is saturated with moisture. This transpiration problem can cause many problems, including rotting, especially in products that are harvested after rain or are sensitive for other reasons.
  • IMAP Crystal® atmosphere packs are made of a selectively permeable film. The entire surface is breathable by means of micro (invisible) pores evenly distributed on the film surface. Competitor pouches use macro (visible) holes to ensure the correct balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen. These macro holes are visible to the eye and if they are blocked by any fruit, there is a great risk. This problem is very common in competitor bags and the resulting anaerobic (oxygen-free) conditions can cause product spoilage.
  • IMAP Crystal® Atmosphere packs keep the fruit stem as fresh and green as the first day. Competing pouches can cause stem drying due to improper moisture permeability.
  • IMAP Crystal® Atmosphere packages are designed to tolerate any temperature fluctuations that may occur in the cold chain and protect the product from damage. This is achieved by the ability to change the diameter of the micropores distributed on the film surface. Temperature fluctuations are not desired by any exporter and must be avoided. However, it is a common problem, especially during the high season. Competing bags cannot tolerate these temperature fluctuations and can cause product loss.

Macro Holes in Competitor Bag Excessive Sweating in Competitor Bag IMAP Effective Humidity Control

IMAP Crystal® Procedures to be Considered to Get the Best Performance from Atmosphere Packages
  • Cherries should be harvested early in the day. Harvesting must be done with extreme care and the fruit must not be damaged. The harvested fruit should be transported quickly to the purchasing centers in the regions. Please keep in mind that cherries are perishable, delicate fruit and have a short storage life.
  • Purchased cherries should be quickly transported to the processing center where there are mobile coolers (haydar, hydrocooler).
  • Chilled water used in mobile coolers must be chlorinated. The chlorine concentration must be checked at regular intervals during the process. Please contact the experts in the IMAP Crystal® organization regarding the correct dosage and monitoring.
  • Cherries transported to the packing house should be kept in cold storage until they are processed.
  • The cherries should be graded in chilled water in automatic lines. The chilled water used at this stage must also be chlorinated. Cold chain fruit IMAP Crystal® it should last until it is inside the package.
  • IMAP Crystal for optimal preservation of fruit until it reaches the target market® packages should be used.
  • Please note that many factors such as garden conditions, harvest time, fast and correct cooling, packaging, etc. have a significant impact on the product's storage life and customer satisfaction. Please contact IMAP Crystal for more detailed information about these conditions.®consult with the technical staff of the organization.

Cherry Processing and Preparation on Demand Abroad
  1. Hydrocooler 2- 20 Ton Frigo Truck 3-Transportation from Purchasing Center
    1. Cool with water (20 °C) at the purchasing center.
    2. Transport by refrigerated truck to the central packing house (3-5 hours).
    3. The cold chain should start from here and continue all the way to the market shelf.
  2. Working Principle of Mobile Chillers in Cherry Purchasing Center
    1. Cooling with 2 °C water for 8 minutes

Cherry Processing and Preparation on Demand Abroad

Cherries cooled with water are transported to the packing house (Temperature before packing 3 °C)
Cherry Processing and Packaging